Classical (1751 - 1820)

Classical (1751 - 1820)
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Classical (1751 - 1820)

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  • Villanelles

    Etcheverry, Maite

    Reference: 6340B
    INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  15 short medieval songs popular in Breton and Ireland. 

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  • Wedding Wishes for Lever or Pedal

    Wedding Wishes
    Fickle, Robin Arioto

    Reference: 94238
    INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Contains many new pieces not previously transcribed for harp: cheerful Renaissance melodies, love songs from Italian opera and Early American wedding marches and trumpet tunes.

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  • White Rose

    White Rose
    Tourin, Christina

    Reference: 6164B
    INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Easy to read arrangements, some in the key of Eb, easily playable on a 32-string harp with E as the lowest note. 28 pages.

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  • Winter's Largo

    Winter's Largo
    Voltz, Frank

    Reference: 74501
    INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This intermediate arrangement of "Winter" from Vivaldi's Four Seasons is perfect for weddings. 

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  • Yolanda Kondanassis Collection

    Yolanda Kondonassis Collection
    Kondonassis, Yolanda

    Reference: 7933B
    ADVANCED PEDAL HARP. Transcriptions, Arrangements and Original Works for Harp by Yolanda Kondonassis A collection of over thirty harp solos.

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