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  • Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby Harp Collection

    Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby...
    Bennett, Stephanie

    Reference: 62309
    MULTIPLE LEVELS, ALL HARPS + FLUTE/VIOLIN. Contains: Performance Notes, Pedal Harp and Violin (or flute) duet, Pedal Harp Solo, Advanced Lever Harp Solo, Intermediate Lever Harp and Violin (or flute) duet, Intermediate Lever Harp Solo, Easy Lap Harp Solo.

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  • Three Blind Mice

    Three Blind Mice
    Rice, Joyce

    Reference: 6149B
    INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP + FLUTE . Joyce composed this "fantasy" on a familiar tune as an encore number for flute (or other melody instrument) and pedal harp. A fabulous way to send your audience off, and have them remember you! It's cute and clever, and not trite in the least bit.

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  • Walking in the Air by Blake/Krimmel

    Walking in the Air

    Reference: 18204
    MULTIPLE LEVELS, SOLO or DUO, ALL HARPS  + OPTIONAL C INSTRUMENT.  Howard Blake composed this number for the 1982 animated film "The Snowman". This is a multi-tasker, with different solo versions, a harp duet, and lead sheet with lyrics and melody. 

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