Early Music (600 - 1750)

Early Music (600 - 1750)
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  • The Renaissance Duet Book

    The Renaissance Solo-Duo Book
    Rees-Rohrbacher, Darhon

    Reference: 93228
    INTERMEDIATE SOLO or DUO, ALL HARPS   For one or two harps (pedal or lever), fifteen elegant, stately melodies from the Renaissance and early Baroque periods.

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  • The Ring of Harps

    The Ring of Harps
    Hurrell, Nancy

    Reference: 91006
    LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS (various ensembles)   Tunes are from Scotland and Ireland, and include solos, a duet, three-part and four-part ensembles. 

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  • Thomas Moore Medley – for two harps or ensemble

    Thomas Moore Medley
    WItman, Janet

    Reference: 70931
    UPPER INTERMEDIATE ENSEMBLE, ALL HARPS . Perfect for Saint Patrick's Day! A great medley arrangement of three well-loved tunes: The Harp That Once Through Tara’s Halls, The Minstrel Boy, and The Last Rose of Summer.

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  • Three Elizabethan Duets

    Three Elizabethan Duets
    Metras, John

    Reference: 618801
    INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, ALL HARPS. The arrangements in this book are selected from the rich repertoire of pieces written in the 16th C and used in Shakespearean plays.

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