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  • Affairs of the Harp

    Affairs of the Harp
    Pratt, Samuel

    Reference: 40205
    206 pages of interesting and useful material by Samuel Pratt, former manager of the Lyon & Healy harp factory, and gifted harpist, flutist and pianist. Out of print for many years, we are happy to see this book back.

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  • Introduction to Harps

    Introduction to Harps
    Kolacney, David

    Reference: 6176B
    Also known as "The Harp Hunter's Handbook", this booklet answers the questions most often asked by people who are considering the purchase of a harp.  

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  • Latin American Harps - History, Music and Techniques

    Latin American Harps - History,...
    Ortiz, Alfredo Rolando

    Reference: 70018
    ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS.  Includes information on the harps of Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador and Chile, and special techniques.

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  • Marcel Grandjany: Concert Harpist, Composer, and Teacher

    Marcel Grandjany: Concert...
    Inglefield, Ruth

    Reference: 7039B
    After flipping through this book for about 10 seconds, I was hooked!

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  • Pulling Strings - The Legacy of Melville A. Clark

    Pulling Strings - The Legacy of...

    Reference: 45500
    An exploration of the extraordinary career of Melville A. Clark (1883–1953), a musician, inventor, entrepreneur, community leader, and collector whose colorful story is largely unknown.

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  • Scottish Harp Celebration

    Scottish Harp Celebration
    Castiglioni, Evelyn Tiffany

    Reference: 93545
    MIXED LEVELS, ALL HARPS    This book commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Scottish Harp Society of America. It is a comprehensive collection of excellent Scottish tunes. Included are 70 arrangements by various artists.

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