Harp Maintenance

Harp Maintenance
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  • A Guide for Harpists

    A Guide for Harpists
    Swanson, Carl

    Reference: 7804B
    With this book an owner will be able to describe clearly and accurately any problem to a repair person. Explains the care, maintenance and repair of the pedal harp. 

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  • Introduction to Harps

    Introduction to Harps
    Kolacney, David

    Reference: 6176B
    Also known as "The Harp Hunter's Handbook", this booklet answers the questions most often asked by people who are considering the purchase of a harp.  

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  • Trouble Shooting Your Lever Harp

    Trouble Shooting Your Lever Harp
    Kolacney, David

    Reference: 6175B
    A manual intended to help harp owners evaluate and correct minor problems with their instruments and understand major problems which may need professional repair. 

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