Beg. Celtic Repertoire

Beg. Celtic Repertoire
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  • A Handful of Solos

    A Handful of Solos
    Pratt-Walter, Jennifer

    Reference: 709101
    BEGINNING, ALL HARPS   Very simple arrangements of folk tunes with fingerings and brackets marked.

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  • Beginning Harper’s Tunebook

    Beginning Harper’s Tunebook
    Morrison, Jo

    Reference: 83904
    EASY, ALL HARPS.  52 Celtic melodies, each in 2 different keys. Very easy to play and include fingering and brackets.

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  • Easy British Isles Melodies

    Easy British Isles Melodies
    Weaver, Joyce

    Reference: 93855
    LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Lovely repertoire, and all on the easy side. Several versions of each tune are included, ranging from very easy to lower intermediate.  Notes and explanations on how to place, replace, and finger the tunes included.

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  • Exploring the Folk Harp

    Exploring the Folk Harp
    Geller, Janna and Mallory

    Reference: 7693B
    LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. An in-depth book covering such topics as choosing a harp, how to play and sing with harp, developing personal style and technique, improvisation, arranging, and history. Also contains 40+ traditional Celtic and American songs with lyrics, English Renaissance works, and some classical selections. 

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  • Fun with the Folk Harp

    Fun with the Folk Harp
    Goodwin, Roxana

    Reference: 76038
    EASY, ALL HARPS. Written explanations and plenty of songs help you play right away. Introduces symbols used in harp music, the basics of note reading, and fingering.

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  • Making Music for the Folk Harp

    Making Music for the Folk Harp
    Raimond, Sue

    Reference: 77235M
    EASY, ALL HARPS. A simple way to learn how to make music. Book includes a link for online audio for listening or playing along. Left hand techniques are explained and notated followed by thirty melodies marked with chord symbols for the student to explore.

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  • Simple Gifts for Harp

    Simple Gifts for Harp
    Colin, Lois

    Reference: 40200
    LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Excellent arrangements with fingerings and placing brackets marked. I think this book would work for children and adults alike. Most of the tunes will work on a harp with low G.

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