Book Companions

Book Companions
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  • Anthology CD: Ray Pool

    Anthology CD: Ray Pool
    Pool, Ray

    Reference: 94112
    COMPACT DISC   This is a complete recording of every entry in Mr. Pool's fake book by the same name. It contains a total of 52 tracks in the exact order of the book.

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  • Celestial CD

    Celestial CD
    Voltz, Frank

    Reference: 3750D
    COMPACT DISC   Frank Voltz performs his original works on harp.  Fans of Mr. Voltz will love this recording!

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  • Falling to Heaven CD

    Falling to Heaven CD
    Kleinstuber, Cindy (Blevins)

    Reference: 44024
    COMPACT DISC  Fifteen favorites, arranged with accompaniment.

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  • Graded Recital Pieces 1-5 & Haiku for the Harp CD

    Graded Recital Pieces 1-5 &...
    McDonald & Wood Rollo

    Reference: 73603
    EASY PEDAL HARP, COMPACT DISC. This CD contains the music from the Graded Recital Pieces Volumes 1-5 by Linda Wood and Susann McDonald.  It also contains the selections found in Haiku for the Harp.

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  • Monet's Garden

    Monet's Garden MP3 Recording
    Mahan, William

    Reference: 70894CD
    INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   A really beautiful collection of original melodies..  Sweet titles, sweet pieces.

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  • Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp-DVD

    Teach Yourself to Play the Folk...
    Woods, Sylvia

    Reference: 7014DVD
    ALL LEVELS, DVD   This wonderful DVD is a very helpful way to learn more about the Folk Harp. 

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  • V2 Suzuki Harp School CD

    V5 Suzuki Harp School CD
    Suzuki, Shin'ichi

    Reference: 6204D
    COMPACT DISC. These CDs are meant to be used with the Suzuki Harp School method books under the supervision of a Suzuki teacher. 

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