Ordering strings for harps can be confusing, sometimes even for the experienced player. We have provided you with string charts for the most common harps. The charts are toward the bottom of this page. Please print your chart and refer to it.  Please also scroll way down to read about shipping options for strings. Click HERE to begin ordering strings if you don't need a string chart.

When you are ordering strings, no matter from whom, you must know what kind of harp you have. That is the first and most important step.

For harps made by L&H or Salvi, both pedal and lever, you order by OCTAVE. Octaves encompass the following notes in backwards order: E-D-C-B-A-G-F. Depending how large your harp is, there may be up to 7 octaves. The first octave consists of the shortest strings.

For most other harps, instead of division by octave, strings are identified by number. To know which one is needed, start counting at the smallest, shortest string (the TOP of the harp) proceeding toward the lowest, longest one. EXAMPLE: to identify a broken middle C on a Dusty Strings Ravenna 34, if you start counting at #1 (highest, thinnest, shortest string), you will find that #20 is middle C.

STRING CHARTS: Most harp makers will furnish a string gauge chart as part of the package, so don't lose that piece of paper. Many times it is glued inside the sound box. Please print out a string chart from the list below and use it when ordering.  


String Charts for Strings we Carry (Some Dusty wrapped strings are used by other Dusty harps, therefore please be aware the numbering may be off. You can cross check by reading the descriptions.)

Dusty Crescendo32/FH32

Dusty Crescendo 34/FH34

Ravenna 34  (22-26 are also used by other Dustys and have different numbering)

Dusty FH26/Ravenna 26/Allegro

Dusty FH36 all versions after 1991

Pedal Harps

L&H Troubadour, Prelude, Ogden Standard, Salvi Ana Standard

L&H Folk Harp

L&H Lever Harps: Lyric, Shamrock, Silhouette

Salvi Lever Harps plus Folk Strung Ana

Ogden Lever

Please print out your string chart and use it when ordering.

We also carry monofilament strings from .020 - .060 in red, blue and clear. These are strings used on most lever harps for the top 20 or more strings.  Please refer to the string chart that came with your harp to order.

Some common monofilament charts:

Thormahlen 36 | Briget 36 | Pakistan Heather 22 

Domestic (USA) shipping options for strings:  Strings don't count as media mail.  If you are ordering multiple books weighing over 13 ounces combined and one string, your package will immediately be considered ineligible for media mail and will be kicked into the priority mail category which may be expensive.  To keep shipping more reasonable, you might consider placing two orders, one with just books (media mail), and one with just the strings.  If you are ordering a single piece of sheet music or a thin book of just a few ounces, you can add strings as long as it doesn't go over 13 ounces.  By weight, your order would then go first class which is quite reasonable (generally under $4.00).  If you have questions on this, please give us a call at 800-893-4277 or 281-890-4500.  Shipping can be somewhat complicated.

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