Welcome to Melody's Traditional Music. We are open by appointment Mondays through Saturdays. Our specialty is harp print music.  We stock several Dusty Strings Harps and Lyon & Healy Harps for our walk-in customers. We can special order harps, and have them drop shipped to you.  See our selection by clicking on "harps" - left column toward the bottom.  When ordering a harp, we prefer you to call us to place your order.  With all the different options and accessories, sometimes a phone conversation is better, especially if you have questions about the various options. Please call before coming out to look at harps, because our harp inventory varies from day to day.

     We are known throughout the world for our unique and extensive selection of harp print music from advanced pedal harp repertoire to hard-to-get French collections for the Celtic harp.

     Some may remember years back we sold whistles, recorders, dulcimers (both kinds), and Autoharps. At that time we stocked anywhere from 35-70 harps on our showroom floor.  It's time for us to take it a little easier, so we have just a few harps but a ton of print music!

     We also publish harp music under the name of Afghan Press Music for Harp (named after Melody, our beloved Afghan Hound, 1987-1998). Our web site devoted solely to the music we publish is at


 Afghan Press Music for Harp Banner with the late great Turtle. We miss you every day Turtle.


     Thank you for stopping by to visit us, and enjoy perusing our site. The site you're looking at right now was updated February 2015 and there may be a few glitches before it is ironed out to perfection or close. We welcome your constructive thoughts about our new site.